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The Perfect Hen

Sire, ‘Hardly’ father to 4x 1st Feds, 4x1st Sect. 2 x 1st Open NIPA. Dam, ‘Miss Perfect’ who is Dam, G.Dam to many Fed, Sect, Open NIPA winners
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The Last One

Sire, is ‘Che Junior’, who is Sire to 1st NPO 5282 B. 16th NPO 8056 B. 47th NPO 7567 B. Dam, is ‘Mysterious Euro’, Dtr of ‘Euro’ x ‘Mysterious’. Dam.…
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Sire, is a son of ‘Balisto’ (Hardy Kruger) 1st Nat 5426 B. Dam is ‘Paula’, a winner of 5x 1st, inc 1st MNFC Ancenis 5510 B.
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Paulas Boy

Sire, is a Direct ‘Freddy Vandenheede’ Dam is ‘Paula’ Winner of 5 x 1st, inc. 1st MNFC Ancenis, 5510 B.
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Magics Girl

Sire, ‘CHAMPION MAGIC’ 1st Fed 3.172 B. 1st Fed 3.072 B. 1st Fed 4.102 B. also 2x2nd Feds. Dam, Dtr. of ‘Man O’ Chester’ X ‘Girl O’ Chester’
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Golden Wonder

Double Grandson of ‘GOLDEN PRINCE’ 1st Nat. Ace KBDB 2014 Sold for €360,000 SUPER BREEDING GENES View GOLDEN PRINCE
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golden delight ihu19n02210

Golden Delight

Double Grand Daughter of ‘GOLDEN PRINCE’ ‘GOLDEN PRINCE’ 1st Nat. Ace KBDB 2014 Sold for €360,000 View GOLDEN PRINCE
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fruity rudy nl171121618

Fruity Rudy

Sire, is ‘JAYDON’ (Son of Vandenabeele’s ‘RUDY’) Father of 1st 9667 B. 1st 8890 B. 5th 15,857 B. Dam is ‘Beauty’ Dtr. of ‘RUDY’ half-sister to ‘SUPER ROMEO’ and ‘NEW…
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dolce shadow gb14c29713

Dolce Shadow

Sire, a Son of ‘CHAMPION SHADOW’ (Vandenabeele) Dam, is Half Sister to ‘DOLCE VITA’ (Veenstra)
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classy lassie

Classy Lassie

Sire. ‘Mascara’ 2x1st Sect. NIPA approx 4,000 B. and Bro. to 2x 1st NIPA. Dam. ‘Class Act’, 1st NIPA O.B. Nat. 5,373 B.
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