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Pigeons for Sale

Stay In Front Of The Competition

Please find below pigeons currently for sale. Please click on the images to get further information on the bird and pedigree. If you require further information on the following birds, please use our contact page or call John.

You can arrange collection of your bird(s) from your preferred courier at your cost or if you prefer, you are welcome to collect at our breeding centre in Cumbernauld.

Please kindly note that we will do our utmost to supply your youngsters to meet your delivery requirements but we CANNOT guarantee this. Youngsters will be available around mid February 2022 until the end of April/beginning of May

2022 Young Birds

6 for £270
12 for £480
24 for £850

These youngsters are a mixture of our own successful family along with top performance based birds from Fed winners, NIPA winners and National winners. There have been phenomenal success with these youngsters in our first two years of offering them to our customers.

Top Quality Van den Bulck racing kits

6 for £570
12 for £1100

We will have a limited amount of SUPER bred performance based racing kits of the Van den Bulck family. These will be grandchildren of our Premium Pairs down the lines of Kittel, Olympic Rosita, Goede Rode, Brother Goede Rode, Gold Dust, Banksy, Skittel, Bratt, Odetta etc.

Top quality BEST KITTEL FAMILY Racing Kits – 6 For £450

We have a very limited amount of the Best Kittel Family available but super breeding lines.These will be bred from the children of our main premium birds such as Storm, Apache Girl, Quevega, etc etc. These youngsters will be bred down the lines of BEST KITTEL, JUNIOR and DANIEL.


Currently we are unable to supply birds OUTWITH the UK