John Short report from Tom Corrie

John is a member of the Lanarkshire Federation and has achieved some fantastic results in a very short time. These results include 1st,2nd,3rd,4th,5th Open federation longest young bird race and 4 x 1st Open federations. Also, some top National results.

He has invested in the best of up to date breeding lines which include direct children from 1st Open National winners. The apple never falls far from the tree.

His set up can only be described as superb and everything geared for the breeding of top youngsters. There are a large number of individual breeding pens to guarantee the parentage of the youngsters. The breeding stud environment is excellent with all the needs met for producing health and vitality. The stud has a cracking ventilation and lighting system and when I visited all the one hundred plus pairs were sitting big youngsters and back down on their second nest.

John had a stand at the Scottish Homing Union show with excellent feedback about the condition and breeding of the birds on view.

John said things are going very well with his first round sold and the second round filling up well.

I asked John about his breeding pairs, these have been developed from all the up to date families that are winning against big birdage around Europe.

5 x Grandchildren/Double Grandchildren from Golden Prince, Gino Cligue. 6x Children from National winners, double Grandchildren of Vandenabeele’s famous Rudy.

Brothers & Sisters to NIPA winners, Johns own 1st Open federation winners including 4 x 1st Open Lanarkshire federation winners.

So, if you are looking to improve your stock and try something against your own pigeons then give John a ring on 07779800301

So, as the title says don’t get caught “Short” of some new stock that could improve your racing season. Still plenty of time to order this year’s racers!

Thanks to John for the visit and seeing these cracking pigeons!

Tom Corrie Jnr
Lanarkshire Press Officer